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Scumblr was originally discussed by Netflix at AppSec USA and was open sourced. It has since been changed heavily for internal use, and in general is used to run small, lightweight security checks against code bases or simple queries against running instances. How NGINX modules and other tools can be combined to give you a nice dashboard of live malicious traffic, automatic alerts, block attacks and likely bots, and more. An overview of functions-as-a-service and GraphQL, relevant security considerations and attacks, and a number of demos. How to get faster, more complete external attack surface coverage by automatically clustering exposed web apps by visual similarity. Pinterest describes how it protects users who have had their credentials leaked in third-party breaches using a combination of programmatic and user-driven actions.

OWASP’s 2018 Top 10 Proactive Controls Lessons

The OWASP Top 10 is an awareness document for Web application security.The list represents a consensus among leading security experts regarding the greatest software risks for Web applications. These risks are based on the frequency of discovered security defects, the severity of the vulnerabilities, and the magnitude of their potential business impact. Security logging gathers security information from applications during runtime. You can use that data for feeding intrusion detection systems, aiding forensic analysis and investigations, and satisfying regulatory compliance requirements. It can also reveal when a user is behaving in a malicious manner. These include things such as injection, broken authentication and access control, security misconfigurations, and components with known vulnerabilities.

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By having a “seat at the table” during the early phases of software development, the security team can more effectively influence its design. Adam describes how security can earn its seat at the table by using the right tools, adapting to what’s needed by the current project, and the soft skills that will increase your likelihood of success. I will also share my personal experience regarding responsible disclosure of such vulnerabilities. It is a way harder than submitting a bug in a traditional application, and involves non-obvious complications.

Tony believes attack trees are more useful than data flow diagrams for threat modeling, as they make potential attack paths concrete. Given these attack trees, you can then do a probabilistic analysis of the viability of each path. For example, if many of the vulns relate to denial-of-service, and the attacker’s goal is to cost the company money, then these paths could enable an attacker to realize that goal. Adam originally created Elevation of Privilege at Microsoft as a fun and low barrier to entry way to teach threat modeling to junior security engineers and developers.

Cpte: Certified Penetration Testing Engineer

When you first started programming, did writing code feel natural? Soft skills, like anything, are skills we need to learn and practice, by doing them.

In this session, we investigate common security issues in APIs, along with current best practices for building secure APIs. This keynote reflects on several real-life security incidents and their impact on the people behind the code.

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Matthew Pendlebury talks in this presentation about attack-aware applications and why they still don’t seem to be commonplace. I have gathered here a few resources that you can look into if you want to learn more about attack-aware applications as well as attack-driven defense. Attack-aware applications make the best of preventive controls by utilizing them as detection points to establish an attack-driven defense within the application. These are just a few examples and your response capabilities are only limited by the technology with which your application is developed.

In the last four minutes, Kevin shares a few thoughts on stopping account takeovers. ReCAPTCHA is easy to bypass using modern machine learning techniques.

Brenna Leath Product Security Leads: A Different Way Of Approaching Security Champions

Finally, create test cases to confirm the requirements have been implemented. Using established security frameworks is now just below defining security requirements in importance, up from the ninth spot in 2016. The expanded use of third-party and open-source components in applications has contributed to this item’s rise in importance. Joseph Kucic, chief security officer at Cavirin, said the desire to define security requirements at the beginning of a project often results in last-minute patches and incomplete and vulnerable applications.

OWASP’s 2018 Top 10 Proactive Controls Lessons

If you want to do account level segmentation, you need to invest in some, for example, making it easy to spin, delete, and modify meta info for accounts. The Netflix cloud security team has invested heavily in these areas. Determine where to invest resources by a) reviewing the classes of bugs your company has had historically and b) have conversations with dev teams to understand their day-to-day challenges. By having developers write secure software in the first place, you can limit the amount of rework that has to be done, which improves the predictability of shipping new features.

We cover requirements, secure design, secure coding, 3rd party SW, static analysis, and vulnerability scanning, and OWASP’s 2018 Top 10 Proactive Controls Lessons a few other things. Niels Tanis has a background in .NET development, pen-testing, and security consultancy.

Tibco Cloud Integration Security Overview

GuidePoint Security’s professionals, provide the best, customized, innovative solutions possible by embracing new technologies, using first-rate business practices, and maintaining a vendor-agnostic approach. Our services enable government and commercial organizations to achieve their missions by helping to prevent security breaches, and identifying and stopping threats and attacks. We’ll talk about the models and design approaches that we can add into our arsenals, and the technologies we’ll need to launch the practice of defense beyond the perimeter.

On the other hand, software developers often enforce a new version of iOS to run the application. Unfortunately, as history shows, with the release of subsequent versions of the iOS system, pentesters have to wait longer and longer for a stable jailbreak. During my presentation, I will show you that it is not necessary to put iRevolver to the head and I will present the techniques of conducting the penetration tests without the need to have a jailbreak. The presentation will also include a live demo presenting the solution to the problem of access to protected application resources on the latest version of iOS.

Alyssa joins us to share her take on DevOps, automation, and beyond. She also shares a great story about how she got domain admin in 3 minutes. Frank Rietta is the CEO of, a Security Focused Web Application Firm. He is a web application security architect, expert witness, author, and speaker. We get into a discussion about RoR vs. other languages, primary threats, counters to threats, and tools available for the RoR developer to assist with security. Dr. Anita D’Amico is the CEO of Code Dx, which provides Application Security Orchestration and Correlation solutions to industry and government.

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When you’re determining your AppSec team’s priorities, aim to scale your defenses and your processes. This process helps you figure out where are your company’s gaps are and where to invest going forward. This becomes your roadmap, which is also a great way to communicate your strategy to senior management. Much of the work the Dropbox team ended up doing was refining policies. They could’ve saved a lot of time by initially adding the ability to enforce a relaxed policy while testing a tighter policy. There are other things that are useful, but they don’t have to be there on day 1 (e.g. pen testing, ng, RASP, etc.) They have their uses, but aren’t critical to AppSec.

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OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls 2018: How it makes your code more secure.

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Image/facial recognition, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and other areas all have military applications. They did a number of user studies and found that conveying this context What does a remote job mean to non technical users is fundamentally hard. They tried a number of icons, but it was tough to convey that HTTP wasn’t secure when the majority of websites at the time did not use TLS.

Automating aspects of enterprise security is the only way to deal with this situation at scale, but the term “security automation” is frequently overhyped and the promised benefits are often hard to realize. This talk will provide an overview of several ongoing security automation efforts that are supported by the US government and international standards bodies. The rise of REST services has been accompanied with the emergence of new standards and components for access control. This 1 day tutorial provides a hands-on overview of available building blocks and shows how these work together. Along with the training knowledge, the course also aims to impart the technical know-how methodology of testing these systems. This course is meant for anyone who would like to know, attack or secure the modern day stack.

This is a great opportunity to train developers how to threat model so they can start to stand their own, looping in the security team in harder cases as needed. Like your development processes, how your company threat models will evolve over time to best fit your company’s unique environment. Security partnerships will always be valuable, as there are aspects and context that secure defaults and self-service tooling will never be able to handle.

Is there some expected structure or input restrictions you can apply immediately and reject inputs that don’t fulfill them? For example, a field may be a number, so restrict the input to 0-9. Input validation – the canonical “security thing you should do,” but still applies here.

If a user isn’t asking about address info, then don’t show it to the agent. SSNs have been leaked in many breaches, and they were issued serially prior to June 25, 2011. The identification methods used by the companies Kelley contacted. Note that the most popular types on the left are more related to ‘identify’ than ‘authentication’, in that they’re static and/or and semi-public. Overall, not the type and rigor of attributes we’d like to see from companies.