Our Services

Carpark Operation Management

By utilizing modern parking equipment, we have developed system and various management models aiming to maximize excellence on day-to-day basis. A strong management and support team, together with specializing in the use of automated parking systems, we can offer holistic solutions in meeting your demands.

Carpark Consultation

Our success is based on our detailed planning. Initially, we register your needs and then, together, we define the operational goals of your car park. We then shape the management strategy, the audit process, the marketing plan and the efficiency of the car park, ensuring operational and commercial excellence.

Carpark equipment

The parking equipment we offer meet all the needs that a modern car park needs, offering solutions for access control, collection, license plate recognition and software for the perfect functioning of the entire system. Our parking products are not based solely on the hardware, the machines for car parks, but we also offer online control focused on improving sales in your car park and increasing security and control.

Carpark Management System

Our system is designed to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing environments. It provides the flexibility, scalability and control required for comprehensive management of all sizes. With the ability to control traffic access and manage the entire facility easily, it takes your car park to another level of operational quality. You will be able to manage your operations comprehensively with our system.